Soul Mentorship, Spiritual Direction, Holistic Coaching, Transformational Counseling… whatever you wanna call it, the core element of my work with people is a deep listening and mirroring questions to help each individual develop a closer relationship to soul, intuition or the “G_d space” within.

If you feel stuck in your life… If you can’t seem to get at whats missing… If grief, bitterness, anger or resentment has you trapped… If you need some accountability to get a project done or some help with a business launch… this is the work of coaching.

If you are ready to come home to your own being. If you are ready to see some REAL change take place in your life. If you’ve finally decided to admit you need help, then personal guide work may be whats next for you.

My guide philosophy is that each client already has a wellspring of wisdom within but we have all been through so much programming and socialization from our formative years as well as our cultural context, that it can be hard to learn to first hear and then trust that voice. Taking responsibility for our lives in every way and then shifting our perception from the inner voice of fear to the voice of love can offer us breakthroughs that radically change the way we see EVERYTHING.

As it has been said, “All things change when we do.” 

In broad strokes, these are confidential conversations that take place in person on a nature walk, or over Zoom conference where we first aim to drop into heart-centered awareness to get at the blocks and gifts that lie deep within the drama of your life. My goal is always first, a release from fear. Once we have a calmed nervous system, you can have much fuller access to your deeper longings,  authentic truth, and all the courageous, intuitive actions necessary to live your life – ALL IN!

img_20190529_1520378134784385480332778.jpgAnd since I still seem to get a lot of this, I’ll briefly mention that if you have experienced the loss of your faith or your worldview and you’re wondering what to do, how to relate, and you need someone to talk to in order to know what’s on the other side… I’m your guy.

This has become a cornerstone of much of my work over the past two years. And its no surprise. I did this myself over the last 10 years. And it was hard. And it was lonely. And you don’t have to do it like that.

So if you think I could help, contact me for a session.