IMG_2210.jpgLife coaching, counseling, sacred listening… whatever you wanna call it, its gone from a hobby into a core element of what I’m about.

If you feel stuck in your life… If you can’t seem to get at whats missing… If grief has you trapped… If you need some accountability to get a project done or some help with a business launch… this is the work of coaching.

And since I still seem to get a lot of this, I’ll briefly mention that if you have experienced the loss of your faith or your worldview and you’re wondering what to do, how to relate, and you need someone to talk to in order to know what’s on the other side… I’m your guy.

This has become a cornerstone of much of my work over the past two years. And its no surprise. I did this myself over the last 10 years. And it was hard. And it was lonely. And you don’t have to do it like that.

So if you think I could help, contact me for a session and let’s see what we can dream up.