PRIDE to the People

It’s pride month and I wanted to state once again how sorry I am for having stood on the wrong side of this conversation for so long. Not because I was some sort of anti-gay activist but because I was worse – a silent complicit “don’t rock the boat” coward who preferred to enjoy my […]

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Love like it’s going to end.

Death is. And to know that, in some way,is the defining mark of our humanity. To know that something will endure without us, that life will go on…Somehow this terrifies us …That those we leave behind may not remember us. Will they live as though I was?Will they carry me in their hearts?Such terror. And yet, […]

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When your own body betrays youIt is off-putting, to be sure. Like walking in on a cheating loverits a first class punch in the gutand you wonder how you didn’t see it coming. You might try and explain it awayor point out the silver lining.Maybe you’ll paint over its behavior with thinly veiled excuses…“I pushed […]

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Spring rises like a phoenix

During the season of Easter and spring, we are reminded that nothing truly rises anew without going through suffering, death and burial first. That to go on an authentic soul journey inevitably includes facing our fear, being rejected, abandoned and forsaken – by the world as well as by the failing idols we had made […]

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Curiosity Required!

In view of a universe 13.7 billion years old and 14 billion LIGHT years in scale (and expanding in every direction at the speed of light), I’m learning to seek the questions even more than the answers. We have not reached the top of the mountain. The final word doesn’t belong to us. Our era […]

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