The Negotiation

Photo by Snapwire on I had an interesting chat with my "selves" on a run yesterday. (Don't act like you don't talk to yourself all day long! I'm just admitting it) This is a conversation that runs within me on the regular. Its like that standing bridge club grammy group at the local YMCA. … Continue reading The Negotiation

Finish You Off

We cannot drop into the depths of our lives until we surrender the illusion that we know ourselves. A wild and courageous commitment is needed to sink beneath our masks of composure. To leap beyond the assuring confines of our definitions and theologies. To stop faking the Good and embrace the True. The truth of … Continue reading Finish You Off

I do too

“We’re just here,” he shrugged. “That’s it. It’s mind-blowing, but that doesn’t mean there’s a purpose or that it’s inherently meaningful. I may be a biochemical evolutionary expression of an unfolding universe, but that doesn’t mean the universe CARES,” He said, smugly. “But do you?,” I asked “Do I care? Sure. Yes, I care.” “I … Continue reading I do too