I do too

“We’re just here,” he shrugged. “That’s it. It’s mind-blowing, but that doesn’t mean there’s a purpose or that it’s inherently meaningful. I may be a biochemical evolutionary expression of an unfolding universe, but that doesn’t mean the universe CARES,” He said, smugly. “But do you?,” I asked “Do I care? Sure. Yes, I care.” “I […]

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The Church, buried alive.

Americans are abandoning church exponentially. Especially the 18-35yr olds whose “no religion” affiliation has quadrupled in the last 30 years. America’s fastest growing religion? “None”. And it’s not because the music needs more orgasmic crescendos led by worship leaders in ever-lengthening t-shirts… but because Christianity has become morally irrelevant. A church with nothing to say […]

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Nationalists are Fools

There is no such thing as “our country”. This is an imaginary construct. The deer don’t respect it. The migrating geese have never bowed to it’s claims. The wind whips back and forth across it without a single concern. The air we breathe is “made” in cooperation with the Amazon forest and the transcontinental weather […]

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Like a lot of topics these past two years, I have been forced to wake up from my white male privilege to confront the darkness in our culture that women and people from minority or immigrant backgrounds have known forever. There is a selective ignorance about some sort of “age-of-innocence” that only applies to white […]

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Hipster Evangelicals; hiding their anti-gay policies. But doing it in really cool jeans.

Recently there have been a number of articles written about hipster evangelicals and their churches. These articles have focused on the sociological phenomenon of their popularity and how their inability to come forward with the truth of their anti-gay policies is actually part of what continues to make them viable – and dangerous to the […]

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Love is the point of “GOD”

On my morning walk I was working some stuff out in my head and thought I would write it down. I’ve been frustrated with the perception that religious beliefs are “so important”. Perhaps this is why religions are failing all over. They have become self serving rather than life affirming. Religion should be the water […]

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Chutes & Ladders

“No matter what one believes in, there is something wonderful about blessing things.” -Kathleen Norris One of the games I played with my sister as a kid was Chutes and Ladders. For those unfamiliar, its a simple board game where you hit the spinner to move x number of spaces up the board to win. […]

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