Full disclosure: this is not a pithy essay on my latest musings regarding human consciousness… its an update regarding my expanded Spiritual Direction / Guide practice for 2020.

I hate commercials and so do you, so I will keep it brief and direct.

Our family relocated to Encinitas California two weeks ago and we are embarking on a new chapter. We are SO excited and happy to be here. Now that we are settled, I wanted to celebrate my first full year of guide work and spiritual direction with a promo because I am opening up TWICE as many spots as I ran last year.

My sessions are normally $175 but for the next two weeks left in January, you can purchase as many sessions as you want for $100 each – REGARDLESS of when they actually take place. I am already fully booked for the month of January and over half full for February, but even if you don’t have a session until December, you’d save 75$ by purchasing the session before the month is over.

I thought about making this for new clients only, but that felt lame. Why punish the people who made my 2019 so amazing? You folks trusted me when I first got started and it was so much fun.

So thats the gig. You’ve got until January 31st to pre-purchase as many sessions with me at the rate of 100$, whether we’ve worked together in the past, do so currently or never have even met!

For more information, check out my website in full.
Wishing you every blessing love can bring you in 2020!



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