man wearing black and blue mask costume
Photo by Stephan Müller on

We cannot drop into the depths of our lives until we surrender the illusion that we know ourselves.

A wild and courageous commitment is needed to sink beneath our masks of composure. To leap beyond the assuring confines of our definitions and theologies. To stop faking the Good and embrace the True. The truth of our suffering, our repugnant vindictiveness, and that primal fear of being left all alone, nailed to a tree and abandoned even by those who once had loved us…



There is a light. Within. A love. A love that survives it all. A love so expansive, so open and unthreatened that everything is subsumed in its fierce heat.

Where everything you gave up in that final breath is seen for the mirage that it was… dissolving.

This is your ascension.



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