There is no such thing as “our country”. This is an imaginary construct. The deer don’t respect it. The migrating geese have never bowed to it’s claims. The wind whips back and forth across it without a single concern.

The air we breathe is “made” in cooperation with the Amazon forest and the transcontinental weather system. The food we eat is part of a global ecosystem and fueled by our shared sun-star, which is also the source of every single watt of energy we have and use – and it’s all progressively diminishing, by the way!

There is a fundamental WE that must be honored before much more time dissapears beneath our xenophobic and sectarian squabbling. And if you’re religion is sucking the tit of it’s “us first” empire, then it is in the way of necessary progress. Let it die on the mountainous pile of other religions and dead “gods” we have already long since transcended.

We are here. Together. And we will either thrive together or suffer the wrath of reality. No species can exhaust it’s resource base and endlessly pollute it’s ecology without manifesting its own extinction. The banquet of consequences is presently being set to our collective table. Yet still we are murdering each other over what seat we get on a sinking ship. Have mercy.

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