Americans are abandoning church exponentially. Especially the 18-35yr olds whose “no religion” affiliation has quadrupled in the last 30 years.
America’s fastest growing religion? “None”.

And it’s not because the music needs more orgasmic crescendos led by worship leaders in ever-lengthening t-shirts…

but because Christianity has become
morally irrelevant.

A church with nothing to say about climate change, income inequality, systemic racism, patriarchy, pathological liar presidents, for-profit prisons, our failing and continually defunded public schools, justice and health care systems that serve primarily the monied classes, and our baptizing of America’s non-stop global war mongering and weapons dealing…

…such a church must BURY itself in absurd, unverifiable supernatural truth claims that fly in the face of modern science and also beneath the petty moralism of, “FUCK is a bad word” and proclaiming the innaguration of the apocalypse when two men fall in love.

May we hasten the death of such impotent institutions.

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