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Like a lot of topics these past two years, I have been forced to wake up from my white male privilege to confront the darkness in our culture that women and people from minority or immigrant backgrounds have known forever.

There is a selective ignorance about some sort of “age-of-innocence” that only applies to white boys. And as a white man raising white men, it’s on me to face this and do my part to address this insanity of selfishness.

With all the hubub over this SCOTUS seat, I’m beside myself with our collective ability to fein some kind of moral superiority on one topic while staying blind to something right under our noses.

But before I get too off topic, I want to address the simple but grave error of low standards for our boys in this country.

Yesterday I asked my 9 year old son what CONSENT means and he said “getting permission first”.

My 6 year old son said “you should ask first”.

My 15 year old son said he can’t think of a single kid on his entire football team who wouldn’t be able to explain the concept easily.

We don’t need ANYONE making federal decisions about our shared life together who thinks teenage boys’ behavior can’t be held accountable or is ‘irrellevant’ to their fitness for a SCOTUS seat.

Teenage boys are highly capable and it’s time we expected more from them than we do their eternally adolescent forebearers. #VoteThemOut.

And while we are on the topic, let’s be clear that it’s almost always the white boys who we let off this hook. This isn’t just patriarchy, it’s racism.

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