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On my morning walk I was working some stuff out in my head and thought I would write it down. I’ve been frustrated with the perception that religious beliefs are “so important”. Perhaps this is why religions are failing all over.

They have become self serving rather than life affirming.

Religion should be the water of soul development but too often it’s just a marker of tribal identity and a way to divide us. Its funny to me how we all know we are bound by time (the eternal now) and yet we fixate on beliefs which are mostly about what WAS or HAS BEEN. Beliefs are generally just statements about the past but VALUES are present tense.

My hope (and my work at EastLake) is focused on helping us find ways to hold the tension of divergent worldviews while we work together on a common objective, rooted in VALUES; namely, living as a beneficial presence on the earth and inspiring each other toward goodness… together.

Hopefully the following thoughts aid us in this work…

When we observe loving behavior in others, we are seeing what’s needed in our world.

Let people call that whatever they want… God, Tao, Human Ethics, Great Spirit, Jesus, Dharma, Buddha nature, Vital Force….

If there’s any USE for religion, it is to motivate loving behavior. Some people aren’t religious, yet love anyway. So they skipped your step? Who cares?!

♥️If you have lots of religious beliefs and they motivate you to loving behavior, your religious beliefs are functionaly healthy.

♥️If you have very few religious beliefs but they motivate you to loving behavior, your beliefs are functionaly healthy and you don’t “need” more.

♥️If you don’t really have ANY religious beliefs at all but your worldview motivates you to loving behavior, you still arrived. No religious beliefs necessary.

“God” is not the point of love.
Love is the point of “God”.

True Love moves forward with or without God.

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