In view of a universe 13.7 billion years old and 14 billion LIGHT years in scale (and expanding in every direction at the speed of light), I’m learning to seek the questions even more than the answers. We have not reached the top of the mountain. The final word doesn’t belong to us. Our era is not the closing scene. Even our best answers are provisional and there is a certain relief in embracing that.  

Authentic spirituality is a swan dive into the unknown. A journey of removing everything that stands in the way of seeing things as they are; infinite!! Divine Love beneath, above, within, and around everything. 

Our deep primal fear of losing tribal belonging stops many short of embracing liberating insights like this. Keeps us afraid and small. Forces us back in the line of obedience to the religious machine. Social beings like us must arrest this tragic impediment lest we fall short of all that we are capable of becoming. Needing the approval of others or an official magisterium of religious authority has kept far too many souls from waking up.

This is the reason that the majority of people stay asleep. Fear of leaping into the void or the cloud of unknowing traps us forever in a half-life of vapid dreams and dead religions made up of other peoples experiences of the Divine. Is this the bedrock of what it means to “know God”? To memorize the experiences of others carved in granite? I don’t think so. 

Whatever it is at the foundation of Reality, that gave birth to this jaw dropping universe, it is present and active and available and present NOW. HERE. And you don’t have to go to a special religious service to encounter it. No doubt it can be danced with there, but also on the highest peak, the lowest valley, yes… even the DMV.

These days people talk about beliefs as things they ‘know’. Which is a mistake. You don’t have to believe what you know. You know it. To me, faith is about belief as an operative thing that enhances the human experience. These days, most of my beliefs are things I have CHOSEN as a pathway – not to be RIGHT – but to become love.

Intentionally choosing something as an actual operative belief in your life HAS to matter more than what you say you “believe in”. The word hope loses all of its romance if what is hoped for is absolutely certain to come about. The choice to hope and to put your embodied trust into something that is too beautiful to be true, that’s where the magic is.

For instance, I ‘believe in Jesus’ not because I KNOW it happened, but because it is always happening. Suffering, death, burial and resurrection aren’t abstract ideas… they are HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS. And that seems to be the path of awakening. One painful and glorious cycle after another.

Friar Richard Rohr says, “ Any journey of great love or great suffering makes us go deeper into our faith and eventually into what can only be called universal truth. Love and suffering are finally the same, because those who love deeply are committing themselves to eventual suffering, as we see in Jesus. And those who suffer often become the greatest lovers.”

I didn’t hear anything about certainty in there. But I did hear a lot that has to do with living fully present in love, and accepting what comes your way because of it.

Its time we recapture a spirituality of astonishment, one that drives us further away from our addiction to certitude, and instead offers us the freedom of open humility, genuine curiosity, deep embodied wisdom, and endless beauty – both within and without.

So if you want to live an abundant life… curiosity required.

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