Healthy Spirituality is about falling back in love with life, with the Mystery of it all, the Oneness through which everything is ever-emerging, and to interrupt humanity’s addiction to narritives of despair with the burning light of hope.

Healthy Spirituality ruptures and dismantles our socialization to hate and divide. To wound and to kill. We are born with the empathic impulse and the deep need to give and receive love. Any spiritual practice that doesn’t nurture this recollection of who we truly are is only in the service of social systems of coercive power and control. True life giving spirituality is always helping expand our circles of compassion wider and wider.

Healthy Spirituality is a remembering that you’re already home. At the atomic level of our being, these elements forged in the death of ancestral stars, there is a humming and a whisper. That this ever-expanding universe is a resounding YES to life, unfolding in the Heart and Mind of Reality. You belong here. You’ve been here as “forever” as you can dare to imagine. So stop trying to transcend this world whether through meditation or medication, ritual or righteousness. If any route takes you further away from your actual life here and now, they are nothing more than an obstacle to your growth, and an impediment to your further evolution (back) into human wholeness.

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