Trump is president. Of like, America.
It’s real.
It happened.

The twitterverse is aflame with people’s reactions, laments, and rants. Facebook is a veritable smorgasbord of conflict-inducing memes and one-liners. Whether you’re a whiny liberal socialist, a bigoted alt-right conservative, or elitist libertarian with family ties to Moby, you’re sure to find stuff on the internet today to incite your anger as well as bolster your “rightness”.

It’s beyond hard to accept the fact that a person like The Donald became the leader of, as they say, “the free world”.

But I’d like to suggest that didn’t actually happen.

There is only one true freedom and it is found within – in the center of the human soul. The eternal depths of our inner world is the resting place of the final of all human dignities; freedom.

And insofar as you exercise courage (who’s opposite is not fear, but conformity) it is then that you realize YOU are the leader of the FREE WORLD.

Now let’s all go out and participate in building the kind of world we want to live in.

We will always be free.

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