So it’s break up time
And you’ll need to move on
I put your stuff in a box
It’s out front on the lawn

Come by while I’m out
Don’t need your goodbye
Yeah I’m leaving you
And you gotta know why…

You didn’t show up
In her last painful breath
A week from her birthday
5 years and then death

Yeah you didn’t speak up
As I wailed for a word
For a sign in the sky
It all seems so absurd

Guess the jokes on me now
Tryin’a make sense of love
In this world so cruel
And No help from above
I guess that I’m hoping
It’s power you lack
What reason is there
To hold healing back?

I’m leaving you
Cuz you left me
I wish I didn’t love you
Trying hard not to need you
And still each day I feel you
it’s enough to make me gag

He mowed down the whole classroom
The bomb was swift and sure
The cancer spread all over
And we scramble for a cure

Tried my best to explain it
To free you from the blame
But I always I sober up
And these realities remain

I’ll never get over you
I’ll never get over this

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