I help people feel alive.

To me, this is best described as ‘spirituality’. This is not to be confused with the know it all arrogance of dogmatic religion. Nor is it some anti-intellectual kumbaya that ignores the reality of life’s difficulties and struggle. No, spirituality is a life posture; a way of being in the world rooted in wonder, awe and curiosity.

Spirituality is first and foremost, a work of interiority; a way of beholding the All That Is within awake-awareness. It then naturally moves to the exterior as our creative, intuitive and pragmatic response to the infinite mystery of being alive.

As a teacher, celebrant, wilderness guide, spiritual director and holistic life coach, my goal is generally the same; to help people connect with the ‘more’ of life that we all intrinsically yearn for. This is about consciously cultivating a personal spirituality, deeply connecting with our own truth, and embodying that in the present.

The result? Vitality, meaning, and joy. Living life, heart-forward.

This is the awakening journey. What’s next for yours?